Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Next President of India?

"I want my president to be non-political. He/She should have a corrupt–free past record. With no compromise in intelligence, he/she should be a 'man/woman of stature' we can all look up to," says 62-year-old retired central government employee Mr. Khushal Rao. No doubt a president should be intelligent. But why should he be not a member of any political party. Rajeev Mallar, a 30-year old IT-professional feels that the president should be somebody who has done the country proud. "A president who belongs to a political party would obviously support the legislative amendments proposed by his or her party. I believe the politicians are doing no good to the country and its people. They don't even have a 'fulfilment model' for any of their urban development projects."

It seems the urban population is very clear about the qualities they expect from the new president of India. They would want someone who is intellectually blessed and is well aware of the current developments in the country. However, there are some who believe the president should be a member of a political party. Aakash Vijay, a 32-year-old entrepreneur votes for a politician president. Says he, "Only a politician understands the nitty-gritty's involved in parliamentary affairs. Appointing a non-political president would first require the government to invest in training the prospective president on legislative affairs. And by the time he understands the subtleties his term gets over. Then what do you do? Extend his term. You see, it's not practical at all."

As you can see, the nation is divided on their views of a prospective president. Only time will tell who'll win the battle (backed by political parties), APJ Kalam, Pratibha Patil or Bhairon Singh Shekhawat?

There is going to be some real tough competition over the issue of presidential candidate in India for quite some time now.

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